Denver Regional Landfill is a modern municipal solid waste disposal facility permitted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Weld County. This sanitary landfill is in full compliance with Colorado rules and regulations as well as Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

The 300-acre site is located on the west side of Weld County Road in between Weld County Road 4 and Weld County Road 6. The landfill entrance is located on Weld County Road 6 making access to the site extremely easy. With the landfill footprint of 120 acres, and current projected waste in-take, it is anticipated that this site will be placed in interim closure in September 2011. Note: Waste Connections also owns the adjacent Front Range Landfill with a capacity in excess of 30 years. Upon closure of Denver Regional Landfill, operations will commence at the Front Range Landfill.

The site accepts municipal solid wastes, construction/demolition wastes and special wastes as defined by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment..

We can team up with our hauling company to provide transportation and disposal services for municipal solid waste, industrial waste, and special wastes including non-friable asbestos, and non-hazardous contaminated soils. As well as transportation and disposal services for construction and demolition wastes.

We are very proud of our facility and we welcome the opportunity to address your disposal needs. Our focus is on customer service and we strive to achieve easy and rapid access in and out of the facility. We feel certain that we will exceed your expectations of your solid waste disposal requirements